The weather radar is what ?@!

Well the Club has weathered a few disappointments this year from the likes of COVID19 Pandemic and now it appears the rain gods were working against us on the weekend.  Let me share a little dialogue between our President and Secretary.  


Friday AM

SECRETARY:  So what does this rain forecast mean for the trip to Pooncarie?

PRESIDENT:  Lets just play it by ear and reveiw it again this evening?


Friday PM

SECRETARY:  I spoke with Kevin in Pooncarie and he said the rain was coming?  I also spoke to a NSW farmer earlier in week and he reckons 30mm was on it’s way Friday???

PRESIDENT:  Well Hedge arrived home covered in dust, so it’s still dry up there.  Lets keep an eye on the radar overnight and check our phones in the morning before we head off.

2am PRESIDENT gets up to water the lawn checks the radar and looks clear.  

4am SECRETARY gets up to let the dog out, checks the radar, cant understand what the warnings are all about because the radar shows nothing in Pooncarie.  


Saturday AM

SECRETARY:  No need to contact anyone, the radar was clear all night.  

PRESIDENT:  All good, no rain in Pooncarie.


Leaving Mildura with a coffee in hand we start our journey towards Pooncarie, about 45km out I turned to my husband and said, looking puzzled “there appears to be a lot of really big puddles” his response “are you sure you were looking at the right radar????”

Well, as we approached the township the skies did not miraculously turn blue, the puddles didn’t disapear and the rain was still falling, but the rain was still not showing up on the radar?

As we grouped together, tough 4WDs and Toorak tractors alike, we all got out of our vehicles scratching our heads, confused more than normal.  

The Secretary and President again met to confer, only to discover that the POONCARIE RAIN RADAR HAS NOT WORKED FOR A FEW WEEKS!!!!  No bloody wonder there was no rain on the Radar.  Pooncarie had received 36mm of rain overnight.

Needless to say there was no way of getting around the track, so we all settled in for a BBQ breakfast.

The entrance to the Track

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