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Where the Murray and Darling Rivers meet

Wentworth is considered the gateway to Outback NSW, and is situated on the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers in south­western New South Wales. Mildura, situated on the Victorian side of the Murray, is the nearest commercial centre of any size.

Wentworth Shire is a region of great diversity and it offers you the opportunity to experience an introduction to Outback Australia.

Magnificent ancient eucalyptus trees that are regal, gnarled and twisted, plentiful wildflowers, kangaroos of grey, blue or red, eagles, hawks, parrots and the beautiful little azure blue finches all make up the unique landscape of this exciting region.

Wentworth Shire covers an area of 2,616,926 hectares (26,000 sq km) and has a population of approximately 8,000 people. The southern boundary (along the Murray River) has the greatest population density in the townships of Wentworth, DaretonBuronga, Gol Gol and Pooncarie to the north along the Darling River. Wentworth is situated 1,075 km from Sydney, 585 km from Melbourne and 420 km from Adelaide and is located within New South Wales, on the border of Victoria.

Wentworth’s climate is semi-temperate. Highest maximum temperature officially recorded was 48°C on January 10, 1939. Lowest minimum was -5°C in June 1907. Summer average is 31°C and Winter average is 16.7°C.

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